From darkness to light… this is the journey made in the creation of this image. And, as often happens, the choice to move from darkness to light has not been a deliberate artistic choice  but It is derived from the discovery of a hidden feature of blender (the addictive alpha).

Start from the beginning. The cover contest theme of ‘bmi’  was “robot”. The initial idea was to depict “Rachel” the replicant in Blade Runner and thus try to capture the dark atmosphere of the movie. Here are some initial rendering.

As I said, while studying how to improve this picture I came across a technique that adds light to the transparency, I really wanted to use it! Here are some tests.

but at this point, the dark initial theme was no longer suitable, so I decided for a marked change of course, had to pass from shadows to light, from darkness to heaven

but in the end the jury decided for another very dark picture!! :)

Fernando Luceri