A way to paint texture in blender like zbrush mode. With .blend file to download.


In my workshops on special effects at “view Conference” I talked about my Projection paint technique, used to map a face.
To my surprise, I discovered a lot of people very interested in technique but who not followed the thread on blenderartist. (More than a year ago)
For this reason I decided to repost the blend file here and I take this opportunity to  update for the 2.5 and to explain briefly the steps.

Unwrap the object you want to paint
Calls the uvmap “uvmaster” assign it a gray bitmap
Add another uvmap channel and call it “uvslave” assign it the bitmap you want to clone
Assign the same image as the background of the window (the image must have the proportions 1 / 1)
add a modifier “uvproject” to the object > in ob “camera” > in uvlayer “uvslave”
Go to the texture mode
tools> clone
ProjectPaint > Layer> “uvslave”

To move the object press G – to rotate around the object in trackball mode, press “R” twice.
The scaling can only occur for a few axes (local or view) by pressing the letters x, y or z for one or two times.
if you want to see the overlapping of the painting, in this way

assigns two textures to the material and set one to overlay

http://www.luceri.it/wp-content/plugins/downloads-manager/img/icons/default.gif download: Project paint for 2,5 (850.90KB)
added: 30/10/2010
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