A way to check the topology of a mesh to animate.

“The gym” is a short movie made by people who have worked exclusively on line without ever meeting physically. Is very rare that such a project comes to an end. This result is due to careful management that is indeed the true intent of the project.  http://www.blenderonlinemoviesproject.com/
For this, is a pleasure to work with them to “the gym 2.
In the first short I noticed immediately that the face of “muscular” was difficult to animate. expressions distorting the mesh so unpleasant. So  the first thing I did was check the topology of the mesh of “mister muscle”.
in edit mode, press the “loopcut and slide” and hover over the mesh, the loops will be highlighted by a purple line.

This will immediately clear if the loops are correct and sufficiently “flowing”.
Loops generally should always be present in places where skin folds and if possible should follow the anatomical lines defined by bones and muscles.
Another thing to avoid are the triangles in areas that will bend. triangles tend to distort the natural flow of the deformation of the skin, like an old scar.
Here illustrates the steps performed

1: removed triangles in areas animated by
2: correction of the nose’s loop ( start from above the nostrils, not below)
3: loop’s eye and lip
4: loops contour the face and front
5: Addition expression’s loops
5b: The good of the flowing loops is that often you can delete them without ruining the shape and topology.

Fernando Luceri