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Il 2014 ha segnato il ritorno alle scene musicali di una grande artista: Carmen Consoli.
Immaginate l’emozione che ho provato nel sapere che avrei diretto il videoclip che celebrava questo ritorno!
Per telefono mi avevano accennato che il video doveva essere ispirato al “Mago di Oz” e sul volo che mi portava al primo incontro con Carmen cercavo di immaginare il modo per rappresentare la complessita emozionale che questa artista riesce a creare con la sua musica.
Lei mi ha detto cosa le piaceva e soprattutto cosa non voleva.
“Cerchiamo di non farlo sembrare ‘digitale”mi aveva detto: desiderava un atmosfera vintage , qualcosa che ricordasse i film anni 30 e 40..ma anche i live degli anni ’90. Ne abbiamo parlato, a lungo, poi ho ascoltato la musica del suo nuovo lavoro e ho capito.
Il brano, ad un primo ascolto, sembra semplice poi, quando provi a sincronizzare le battute o a segnare il ritmo delle parole, ti accorgi che nasconde mille sfumature e complessità. Sarebbe stato facile inserire qua e là delle parole “ inusuali” con una metrica difficile come nel suo stile, ma sarebbe stato meno “vero”. L’esigenza di “sincerità” espressa in ogni suono, come la distorsione delle chitarre data dalla saturazione degli amplificatori e non dall’ultimo plug in software.
E così anche nel video avremmo rappresentato la complessità con la semplicità e la finzione con la realtà.
Ogni cosa sul set sarebbe stata di carta, legno o stoffa come in un rituale di psicomagia, fiori veri e profumo di campo.
Via il green screen e al suo posto un fondale teatrale di 140 mq.
Via neon e luci a Led, solo luci ad incandescenza e, anche per la parte del concerto, abbiamo rispolverato dei vecchi fari PAR ormai in disuso.
Nessun meccanismo nascosto ma cambi di scena visibili.
Il giorno delle riprese Carmen ha portato sul set la sua sensualità ed energia e tutti hanno dato il massimo in una atmosfera davvero piacevole.
Non vedo l’ora di sentire l’intero album, ormai ci siamo quasi, per poter assaporare ancora quella “sincerità” che nella musica di oggi è divenuta così rara.

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2014 was the year of the return of a great artist: Carmen Consoli.
I would have directed the music video that celebrated this return! Just imagine the emotion I felt in
By phone they had mentioned the video had to be inspired by the “Wizard of Oz” and I tried to imagine how to represent the emotional complexity of this artist
She told me what she liked and especially what he did not want.
“We try not to make it look ‘digital’, she said, she wanted a vintage feel, something reminiscent of the films of 30 years and 40 … but also live concerts 90s. We talked a lot, then I listened to the music of his new job and I understand.
we shown the complexity with the simplicity and fiction with reality.
Everything on the set was of paper, wood or cloth as a psychomagic ritual, real flowers and fragrance field.
Go off the green screen and in its place a theatrical backdrop of 140 square meters.
Go off neon and LED lights, we have used only incandescent lights  , even for part of the concert, we dusted off the old headlights PAR disused.
No hidden mechanism but visible scene changes .
The day of filming Carmen brought on the set  her sensuality and energy and all have worked hard  on a really nice atmosphere.
I can not wait to hear the whole album, now we’re almost there, to  still enjoy the “sincerity” that in today’s music has become so rare.

Music videos are a time of creative satisfaction for those who deal with special effects and 3D graphics. I had the good fortune to work with excellent artists as well as extraordinary people. So I decided to celebrate those jobs with this behind-the-scenes in which are revealed the secrets of the many wonders you saw in those videos. I want to thank the Blender Foundation that has given me the tools to create those spells, ZeroProject  and director Gianni de Blasi that  involved me in so many excellent projects and Caparezza and Alla bua that chose me as a director. Good vision.


screen1My work concerns mainly music videos and special effects for short film, but of course, often we have to work for some commercial spots. two example. View Full Article »

logogalaxstarin this music video I made a flying banknote and other invisible effects. Little work but I’m really happy to have collaborated on this beautiful thing. View Full Article »

I’ve read the book. ‘Blender 2.6 Cycles: Materials and Textures Cookbook“, like any cookbook, enables anyone to obtain in a few, good quality steps, materials for Cycles. I happily noticed that no step has been taken for granted… View Full Article »

Friday night there was the presentation of the new album and of the new music video of the Alla Bua , and so in front of the huge audience of the  Teatro Italia in Gallipoli I presented the new video of which I was the director and I have edited the special effects. View Full Article »

some screenshots of my Alla Bua’s new video directly from facebook header! View Full Article »

Friday, May 10, at the “Teatro Italia” Gallipoli, will be introduce the ALLA BUA’s new album and new video. I’ll be there to talk about the epic video of which I am director, and head of special effects. View Full Article »

was released the new Aedo’s album: “Saluto al nemico”. The video accompanying the release is “Joele” a work of Gianni de Blasi in which I supervised the special effects. Software used Blender and gimp of course. View Full Article »

Video “Arriva La Banda” of Bandadriatica won the first prize at the Molfetta Music Film Festival. Congratulation to everyone who have worked. View Full Article »

All this is great, I won! The videos were all beautiful (see this for example) and this increases the value of the prize. four nominations and award for Best Editing

the occasion of the nomination at PIVI awards  for music video “la ghigliottina”, I put on line this interview I has been done with the great caparezza, which talk (in Italian) of open source, blender and some background of the video.

“PIVI” is the most important Italian award for music video. This year’s participants were 706. Among these 25 were selected to compete for prizes.
“La Ghigliottina” video I made for the Caparezza’ song is candidate for:
best Director
best script
best cinematography and best editing.
the awards will take place on December 1st, but already this is, for me and for a music video made with open source tools, a great result.

Here’s my new work. Once again working with Gianni de Blasi (director) gave excellent results. The music video was produced for the song ” Dentro Me,” by the young singer-songwriter Marco Merchich. View Full Article »

Another work for “Zero Project “, yet a music video. This time, however, my contribution was really small but important, I hope. Let’s play! Can you see where I used blender? Look carefully and enjoy a piece of poetry of Salento View Full Article »

New Album and new video for the Italian Rap star Caparezza (His latest cd “il sogno eretico” is double platinum and was in the national charts for months). The great thing is the direction of the video was assigned to me and to realize it I have mostly used blender.I think it’s the first time in Italy that blender is used so extensively for a production so popular, the experience was exciting and we would have much to say and to tell, surely there will be occasions. for now enjoy the video, and beautiful song.

New Work for “Zero Project production”, is a music video of a song from the “Banda Adriatica” new album,  directed by Gianni De Blasi. unlike the previous video in this case Blender was essential. It ‘was recreated an giant environment of a sea between the two coasts. View Full Article »

has been so long since I write, were you worried?  :)

In these two months have been very very busy working with blender and it’s great. I have officially entered the world of music videos, and in this period I worked simultaneously on 3 videos that will be released shortly. In the first, which was released yesterday, the work of 3D special effects  View Full Article »

The 2012 observance of the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust will focus on the theme “Children and the Holocaust”. This video was made in blender using this technique.

This is my little, tiny contribution to not forget

View Full Article »

Do you remember the scorpion protagonist of this short? Here he is now out of a CG environment to get a walk in a real environment. After following the workshop of Sebastian König (here, thanks to topix, you can find a video of the workshop) I wanted to try the new feature in Blender 2.61. View Full Article »

Around there are some videos in which the explode modifier is actually used so ridiculous. The cause is probably that this modifier (like many things in Blender) is not as intuitive to use. View Full Article »

in my last article I mentioned the “additive alpha” calling it a hidden feature. This has intrigued some, of course, so that I am here to give some explanation. View Full Article »

From darkness to light… this is the journey made in the creation of this image. And, as often happens, the choice to move from darkness to light has not been a deliberate artistic choice  but It is derived from the discovery of a hidden feature of blender (the addictive alpha). View Full Article »

I made ​​a cover and booklet of a very special CD. “Giuseppe Verdi Rock Tribute “.

View Full Article »

I rendered in cycles the progetto verde shuttle.

View Full Article »

Here is the first animation made ​​with Cycles (at least for me). Actually the new rendering engine does not yet support animation so I had to save one frame at a time.

View Full Article »


Music Video

3D Animation

3D Picture

Visual Effects

Progetto Verde

In my last article I said that I used blender to make the white balance of some photos.
This has led curiosity in a lot of people have asked me to look into.

is very simple View Full Article »

Today (apr.07, 2011) in the Department of Physics, University of Salento was presented the book
“Functional approach to visual disorders – The Basics” by Prof. Luigi Seclì.
I treated all the graphics. View Full Article »

A simple technique to deform your rendering. Available  blend file for download

View Full Article »

Each pass of Blender rendering can be manipulated in the compositor. In most cases the meaning of this manipulation is evident. For example, increase the contrast or the brightness of a rendering or invert the alpha.
But nothing prevents us to edit less comprehensible parameters such as the speed vector. View Full Article »

Great news about the color correction series.

Firstly I want to point out a valuable add-on that simplifies the use of these presets. In addition to this it was issued the new BMI ( Blender Italian Magazine)

View Full Article »

In February, I worked for the spark to a commercial for the national anti-drug campaign.

A so important event was  occasion for the spark for a challenge! Use Blender and other open source software instead of a commercial program, to make special effects. View Full Article »

I started to transfer files of the ” progetto verde” from blender 2:49 to Blender 2:55 . I take this opportunity to fix and improve some things.

View Full Article »

The creative and “fashion” aspect of the color grading would not allow the use of presets. for this, our rig node  this time represents a kind of a toolbox, ready to use and to edit to get the desired result. View Full Article »

we are the fourth of five articles, in the next: grand finale with the color grading. But now we talk about color mapping. View Full Article »

If it is difficult to understand if an image is too red (or too little) or too green, it is even harder to understand if there are too red (or green or blue) only in the shadows of an image, or only in the bright part or in the middle. View Full Article »

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